March 2018

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March 2018 ISSUE

In Two Years, There Could Be 10 Million Self-Driving Cars on the Roads

A laboratory at Stanford is working madly to keep us safe in that future.


The Environment and the Bottom Line

Chief Kindness Officers?


Third Time's the Charm

Secrets of Stradivari

Pennies for My Thoughts

About Community

What's Up With All This Community Stuff?


Why Higher Education Matters


Asleep at the Wheel?

Letters to the Editor

The Taking of the Mic

Books, Etc.

The Leader of the Girl Scouts Wants a Pipeline for Scientists


Radio Scientist Focused on Planetary Exploration

Former GSB Dean and Ford 'Whiz Kid'

Turkish Sociologist Who Foresaw the Arab Spring

Young Alumna and Writer


Farm Report

How to Build a Dodgeball Dynasty

More Than 1,000 Musical Instruments Sat in Disrepair. Here's What One Prizewinning Composer Did About It

If Romance Goes Sideways, This Algorithm Might Help

At Last Count: 1,933

An Atheist in God's Country

The 5 Types of Anxiety and Depression

Hacking Pneumonia: A New Lead on Diagnosing It

Who Winds the Clock?

Nature and Nurture

First U.S. Heart Transplant Happened Here

The Numbers Don't Lie. We're Pretty Good

An Indecent Disposal

The Dish

How Disney Got It Right with 'Coco'

Guides for Teaching and Learning

Everything They Sell Is Green