May 2018

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May 2018 ISSUE

Dawn Patrol

Six days a week, the men and women of Stanford Rowing slip their boats into the early-morning waters of San Francisco Bay and start cranking out the miles. They wouldn't have it any other way.


Jo Boaler Wants Everyone to Love Math


Why Americans Can't Get Along

Fear and Loathing in the Body Politic

Polarization Is Not the Problem

What American History Can Teach Us

Is Social Media to Blame? Not Likely

What Happened to the Party of Lincoln?

Who I Am: The Role of Identity in Modern Politics

The Urban-Rural Divide

So, Now What? A Way Out of Our Polarized Politics


They Named Their Dorm After the President, and Then He Came to Visit

Kawaii Sweet World Hits the Sweet Spot

A Well-known Painting Gives Up Its Secrets

At Last Count: 360

Why This Future Army Officer Believes in the Mission

Cryptocurrency Gets Real On Campus

At Memorial Church, Weddings are Down but Diversity Is Up

They Rule the Pool

The Delta: Numbers Are Up at Stanford Sororities

What Happens When the Doctor Is Feeling Poorly?


Build Like a Girl

Real to Reel


Saying Goodbye to a Part of Our Past

Man in the Mountains


Can We All Get Along?

Home Grown


Letters to the Editor

Let It Go

Shelf Life

Frog Calls


A Talent for Breaking Barriers

Double Role as Actor and Politician

Dedicated Researcher, Physician and Mentor

Groundbreaking Geneticist

In Every Aspect, a Hero


The Dish

Meet Our Young Alum Rhodes Scholar

The Man Behind the Yellow First-down Line

'Destiny of Desire,' 'Native Gardens' Take the Stage

Supporting Young Black Venture Capitalists