A day in the life of a vehicle systems expert.

By Kalissa Greene

Alumni recommend their recent faves.

All Right Now

Farm Feature

A century ago, Stanford student life sparkled on the silver screen.

By Sam Scott

Our Collection on After the Farm

Online Exclusives

How to Find Your People

4 strategies for building and strengthening your community.

Meeting new people can be uncomfortable. You should do it anyway.

How to take a bite out of your consumer footprint or have fun trying.


Meet Caeden Greene

How one student connects mechanics, meat, and mentorship.

By Annie C. Reller

Pizza with the President

Kalissa Greene, ’25, and Annie Reller, ’24, help president Richard Saller in the kitchen while talking about garlic and spinach, introductory seminars and campus protests.

Meet Kemi Ashing-Giwa

Her planetary adventures are both fact and fiction.

By Kali Shiloh

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