Artists’ visit to campus ‘flipped the script’ on anthropological field work.

By Tracie White


War Torn

Craig McNamara was a Vietnam-era protester. His father was the U.S. secretary of defense. In a new memoir, he tries to untangle that knot.

By Deni Ellis Béchard

All Right Now

Joining the Circus

A former Olympic gymnast finds the camaraderie she’s been seeking all along.

By Jacqueline Munis

Our Collection on Stanford Secrets

An editor’s epic quest results in a documenTree.

For more than a decade in the early 1900s, a gentleman’s game from across the pond supplanted football at Stanford. It took a world war to turn back the tide.


A geologist, a microbiologist, and a pilot walk into a space station.

By Tracie White

One man’s path from pirouettes to "Canada’s Got Talent."

By Kali Shiloh

All Right Now

Meet Lauren Toomer

Honoring the human body through art.

By Tracie White

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