Beatriz Magaloni can tell you which criminal justice reforms make communities safer in Mexico and beyond.

By Keegan Hamilton

Stanford’s new provost on faculty orientation, free speech, and the fun factor.

By Kathy Zonana

On the eve of her departure from the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor talks about her early anxiety as a Stanford student, the struggle to find a job as a lawyer and the challenges of a pathbreaking journey.

By Kevin Cool

Our Collection on Big Game

All Right Now

Mischief Managed

Stately and venerable, this oak tree witnessed antics that were anything but.

With no seats available at the Big Game in 1900, hundreds of fans climbed onto a nearby rooftop to watch. Twenty minutes after kickoff, tragedy struck.

Twenty years ago, Cal broke Stanford hearts in the most improbable finish in college football history. Players and fans reflect on how much it hurt, how much they've healed and why any of it still matters.


A breakout author writes the books she wants her friends to read.

By Jacqueline Munis

Online Exclusives

Meet Ecy King

A former senior class president puts the oodles in doodles.

By Kali Shiloh

A medical resident connects flight with life.

By Tracie White

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