December 2018

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Intestinal Fortitude

Poop pills? Talking toilets? New insights into the microbial world within us are redrawing the roads to a healthy constitution.


Michael O’Neill Explains and Explores the Miraculous

For These NFL Players, the Anthem Protests Are Personal

The Protesters' Aims Are Noble; Their Protests Are Not


Meet Derrick Boone Jr.

The Durham Download

A No-Crap Guide to Gap Years

28 Years Later, NICU Nurse and Former Preemie Reconnect

Stanford Will Rename Serra Dorm

Out of Luck? Try This.

Stanford's Climbing Team Has High Expectations

Student Podcast Tackles Science

How Have You Changed?

What to Drink Now (With No Next-Day Suffering)


How Three Women Scientists Gave One Another a Boost—Without Even Realizing It


Out of Luck? Try This.


Classifieds - December 2018


How Alumni Helped Affirm Our Vision

Your Ideas Here


Letters to the Editor - December 2018

Happy Birthday, Roble


Mountaineer and Engineer

‘Love and Light and Potential’

Energy Researcher, Professor and Woodcrafter

Academic Who Tackled Controversy with Humor

Educator and Storyteller

Obituaries - December 2018

Online Exclusives

Roble at 100

Shelf Life

Shelf Life - December 2018

The Dish

Meet the New Mr. Met

Power Play for Kids

The Pizza Bot

The Long-Held Craft of an Aerodynamic Duo

A New Way to Bridge Generations