September 2018

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September 2018 ISSUE

What Elizabeth Jameson Wants You to Know About Human Fragility

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the former civil rights lawyer began creating provocative works of art from the scans of her own diseased brain.


Why Jane Stanford Limited Women’s Enrollment to 500

John Donohue Isn’t Afraid to Make You Mad

After Five Near Misses, Is This the Year a Stanford Player Wins the Heisman?


The Truth About Online Lying

The Pride of Stanford Returns

Gerrymandering: The Board Game

The Yeh-Yeh Brotherhood

Choosing Classes with a Little Help from Big Data

Retired Guide Dog Pivots to Acting


10 Ways to ‘Get Involved’


Here We Go Again, Gratefully

Deepening Our Global Imprint


Radical Collaboration

Letters to the Editor

Stretch Goals


Nobel-Winning Physicist

Indefatigable War Hero

Devoted Radio Reporter

Star Poly-Athlete

Geophysicist, Grower, Vintner


Shelf Life

Shelf Life

The Dish

How to Change Hearts and Minds

5 Powerful Female Engineers

Text Me, Beep Me . . . When You Need a Friend

Care for the Caregivers

What a Farm System . . .