What to Drink Now (With No Next-Day Suffering)

EANABs (Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages) are a staple at Stanford student parties and social gatherings. Here are some current favorites.

December 2018

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What to Drink Now (With No Next-Day Suffering)

An acronym coined by residential education in the early 1980s, EANABs (equally attractive nonalcoholic beverages) are a staple at Stanford student parties and social gatherings. The university’s party planning policy requires hosts serving alcohol to provide them. Here are some current favorites:


A classic. Sold traditionally by child entrepreneurs for 25 cents.



A canned sparkling water popularized by Midwestern moms in the 1990s. Burbank House won a $500 grant from Stanford last year for a LaCroix-themed dorm event called Burbamplemoose (a play on the brand’s grapefruit flavor, pamplemousse), which featured a tasting booth and a “mixology” station. “We wanted to create a fun, energetic event around EANABs,” says Benjamin Josie, ’19, one of the dorm’s RAs. From then on, “anytime we held an event, we would have LaCroix.”

Martinelli’s sparkling cider

The EANAB of choice for champagne toasts.

Capri Sun

Fruit juice conveniently enclosed in squeezable pouches. Comes with a yellow straw.

Boba tea

Taiwanese iced-tea drink with chewy tapioca balls. Debate over the best local purveyor can get spirited.

Chocolate (sometimes almond) milk

A throwback to playgrounds and packed lunches. Elliot Kaufman, ’18, says, “I make no apologies!”

Eliane Mitchell, ’19, is an editorial intern at Stanford.

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