How Have You Changed?

FARM FAMILY: Deshae Jenkins, ’17, Jessica Ellen Spicer, ’17, Jose Echevarria Acosta, ’14, Kayland Harrison, ’17, and LoMo Phillips, ’17, make merry at Reunion Homecoming in October. Photo: Josie Lepe

For four days in October, alumni outnumbered current undergraduates on campus when they returned from around the world for Reunion Homecoming. Some 10,500 alumni and their guests came back for the 12 undergraduate reunions (the fifth through the 65th), while Stanford Law School hosted 1,100 attendees. All seven schools—Education, Earth, Engineering, Law, Medicine, the Business School, and Humanities and Sciences—held gatherings. Here's what some of the returnees had to say about life beyond the Farm.

TINY TREES: In the Kids Amazing Race, families sprinted to locations around campus to answer trivia questions and perform challenges. (Photo: David Gonzales, '93)

Photo: David Gonzales, '93

“Hospitality is one of the things that my husband and I have worked on. My home is always open.” 

—Patty Jones Fortine, ’53

Photo: Dilys Ong

“It’s nice to touch base and realize people are pretty much the same. We look a little different but actually [are] not as different as we thought.” 

—Roland Dominguez, ’83

Photo: Heidi Sigua, '12

“I’m a lot more comfortable with ambiguity and the open-endedness of life. I was a very anxious undergraduate.” 

—Kate Ludwig Mariner, ’08

Photo: Dilys Ong

“At this age everyone’s a lot more welcoming—you’re a lot more at peace with who you are and what you’ve become.” 

—David Young-II Kim, ’88

Photo: Heidi Sigua, '12

“My courage and confidence have blossomed in a way that had not been realized when I first stepped on Stanford’s campus, but the seeds were planted here.” 

—Sylvia Jones, ’93

Photo: Eli George Goodman, ’21

“I’ve become more relaxed and enjoy people more than I did when I was younger, and I love that.” 

—Lu French Jenkins, ’45, MA ’55

GLEEFUL: Tevon Strand-Brown, ’19, Maria Castro, ’17, and Trey Turner, ’19. (Photo: David Gonzales, '93)

Diana Aguilera is a staff writer at Stanford. Yanichka Ariunbold, '21, and Eliane Mitchell, '19, are editorial interns at Stanford.