March/April 2012

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March/April 2012 ISSUE

The Whole World in His Plans

In a bid to solve the planet's most pressing problems, eBay's first president, Jeff Skoll, MBA '95, is funneling his fortune into Hollywood movies to raise awareness and spur public action.


Hitting Cancer Where It Hides

Two Against the Odds


Men Vs. Women


Giving All You've Got Is About More Than Dollars

What the Stanford Challenge Meant, and Where the Money Went

Letters to the Editor

Thinking Inside the Box

Leisure, Pursuits


Suburban Developer

Innovating Engineer

Stockton Booster


Farm Report

Marketing for Good

Results Break Record

The Garbage Artist

Research Notebook

Don't Believe Everything They Tell You

The Good-Enough Vegetarian

An Everyman in a Unique Dystopia

The Horse's Mouth

Stanford Withdraws Its N.Y. Bid

News Brief

Change Afoot for the Cardinal Next Season

Sports Briefs

A Champ Among Champs

Online Exclusives

Leaving Goldman: An Analysis of the Resignation Heard 'Round the World

Living the (Sustainable) Single Life: Essential Answer

How Much Recycling Actually Gets Recyled: Essential Answer

Paper or Plastic? Essential Answer


Planet Cardinal

Art Neuro

First Aid Faster

Head Games

Red All Over

Shelf Life

The Dish

The Dish