Our Top Stories of 2018

Have you read them all?

December 13, 2018

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Our Top Stories of 2018

Clockwise from top left: Courtesy Sophia Sterling-Angus; Courtesy Leah Adams; Patrick Tehan; Toni Gauthier; Diane Thornton; Anita Kunz; Michele McCammon (2); O’Connell-Rodwell; Toni Bird; Suzanne Metzel; University Archives.

Did you read the one about the professor who was attacked by a mountain lion? (It’s No. 12.) Catch up this month with the 15 most read Stanford stories of 2018.

15. The Five Types of Anxiety and Depression

More precise diagnoses will make for better-tailored treatments, Stanford psychiatrists say.

14. Your Computer May Know You Have Parkinson’s. Shall It Tell You?

Eric Horvitz, PhD ’91, MD ’94, has algorithms that—based on your search history, your location data and even how you mouse—could alert you when it’s time to see a doctor.

13. My Summer Vacation: Three Weeks with Elephants

Magnificent animals. Extraordinary insights. Peeing in a Tupperware container. It’s all part of the deal for a research team in Namibia.

12. Bullets, Blood and Ice

A professor-prospector’s gritty lessons from the land.

11. For Stanford, ‘What Better Looks Like’

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne weighs in on the planning process and campus issues.

10. Why Jane Stanford Limited Women’s Enrollment to 500

And what happened next.

9. In Two Years, There Could Be 10 Million Self-Driving Cars on the Roads

A laboratory at Stanford is working madly to keep us safe in that future.

8. If Romance Goes Sideways, This Algorithm Might Help

The Stanford Marriage Pact matches students with their potential backup spouses.

7. How to Be Resilient

Setbacks happen. It’s how you bounce back that counts.

6. ‘This Is Not a Drill’: Those 38 Minutes of Nuclear False Alarm

Senior writer Melinda Sacks, ’74, was waking up in Hawaii when the missile alert came across her phone. This is what she went through.

5. You Know What You’re Talking About. Here’s How to Sound Like It.

These seven tips for calm, confident communication have you covered.

4. Why Americans Can’t Get Along

Part 1 of 9: Experts explain our deafening divide.

3. Summer Reading List, 2018

Build your poolside reading stack.

2. ‘I Never Became an Olympian’

A former rhythmic gymnastics powerhouse—and current Stanford junior—explains why she’s OK with how things turned out.

1. What Happens When Your Figure Skating Career Ends?

After women retire from sports that focus on their youth and bodies, they have to figure out their real long program. Rachael Flatt, ’15, helps build digital mental-health tools for those who will come next.

Bonus: Our newest cover story, Stanford on Broadway, is destined to hit the charts.

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