March/April 2017


Name Dropping


Irrational or Only Human?


What's Next for Stanford?


Beating the Doomsday Clock

Letters to the Editor

A Striking Look at Starfish Larvae

Books, Music & Film

The Friendships of Sid Drell

Let's Reconsider Russia

The Believer


Statistician and Activist

Wine Expert and Educator

Political Scientist and Pacifist


Farm Report

Wearable Devices That Tell You When You're Getting Sick

One More Reason to Love Coffee

Study: We Like Lots of Choices

The Fascinating Life of the Acorn Worm

At Last Count: 125,000 rpm

Etchemendy Through the Rearview Mirror

Trustees Name Raikes New Chair

For the Band, Another Chance

The Daily Bets on New Revenue Streams

Campus Traffic Goes in Circles, In a Good Way

Online Labs Can Teach Millions

Soccer's Rapid Rise

Set, Match, Magic

A Faster, Cheaper TB Test

Hydrogels Can Make the World Better

Making Sickle Cells Well

Greening the Wedding

Finding: A Gender Gap in Citations

Online Exclusives

Prescription for a Homeless Man

The Dish

The Compelling Motivation of a 'Survivor' Winner

North Dakota Governor's Farm Memories

Theater on a Bus Goes Cross-Country

First-Gen Stanford Grad Is California's Top Cop

Stanford Grad to Become Duke's President