All Together Now

Linda A. Cicero

Amble west from the Main Quad, and there's a sun-drenched new panorama: the bustling Science and Engineering Quad, which has added the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology to the Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2). Still to come is the Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering Building.

An 8.2-acre project with a central courtyard, the complex fosters multidisciplinary collaborations among engineering, medicine, and the natural and social sciences. Close to the Medical Center and other science buildings, the new quad represents a symbolic and literal crossroads for shared knowledge and facilities.

Folks have to eat, and the Engineering Center is home to a Bay Area phenomenon: the Ike's Place sandwich chain. As students arrived back in September, the just-opened spot spawned hour-long lines that didn't seem to deter anybody.