Whether you're vowing to reduce stress, be in the moment, or eat more fruits and vegetables, you'll probably give up by February. But you can start the year out right with these stories.

December 12, 2019

8 Tips for Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You

Forgiveness is the ability to regain peace when part of your life didn’t work out the way you wanted. Who doesn’t want that?


Charity Ferreira

March 2019

This Is Your Brain On . . .

New science tells us how to better manage our addictions, be they to substances or smartphones.


Katharine Gammon

October 28, 2019

How to Quit Your Job

Stanford’s ‘Design Your Life’ gurus break down what can be fixed and when to move on.


Melinda Sacks

December 20, 2019

How to Limit Distraction

Author Nir Eyal discusses how people can control their device use and thus their lives.


Andrew Tan

November 25, 2019

Are You Trapped in a Bad Food Relationship?

Physician Maya Adam wants you to love food that loves you back.


Charity Ferreira

November 22, 2019

How to Be Present

And what that even means.


Melina Walling

July 2019

7 Cooking Tips for the Reluctant Beginner

Feeling like you should explore beyond the microwave? Jess Dang has your back.


Diana Aguilera

December 2018

Intestinal Fortitude

Poop pills? Talking toilets? New insights into the microbial world within us are redrawing the roads to a healthy constitution.


Sam Scott

July 12, 2018

How to Be Resilient

Setbacks happen. It’s how you bounce back that counts.


Rebecca Beyer