The Ticker — March 2021

Stanford people in the news and on the move.

March 2021

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The Ticker — March 2021

Photo: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service

Xavier Becerra, ’80, JD ’84, has been nominated to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (confirmation was pending at press time), while Susan Rice, ’86, is serving as director of the Domestic Policy Council. 

Nicole Mann, MS ’01, Kate Rubins, PhD ’06, and Jessica Watkins, ’10, have been named to NASA’s Artemis Team, which plans to put a woman on the moon in 2024.

Jaden Redhair, ’22, created the Monument Valley image on Nalgene’s Tó éí iiná (water is life) bottle; a portion of proceeds will be used to improve water access for Navajo communities. Meanwhile, a five-story mural honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Chuba Oyolu, MS ’07, PhD ’11, is watching over downtown San Jose.

Nicholas Thompson, ’97, has stepped down as editor in chief of Wired to become chief executive of the Atlantic, filling a seat vacated in 2019 by Bob Cohn, ’85, who is now president of the Economist. Cohn was also an editor at Wired once upon a time—oh, and of Stanford—in case you’re keeping track of magazine musical chairs.

Allison Otto, ’98, MA ’99, co-produced and co-directed The Love Bugs, a documentary on PBS POV Shorts about a couple who love insects and each other in equal measure. . . . Lianna Holston, ’18, and Siena Jeakle, ’19, share their candid opinions of classic movies in Frankly, My Dear, named iHeartRadio’s Next Great Podcast.

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