The Stanford of the U.K.

January/February 2006

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The Stanford of the U.K.

Nigel Holmes

Cambridge University leapfrogged Stanford into the No. 2 spot (behind Harvard) on the influential annual rankings of the world’s top universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong’s Institute of Higher Education. The rankings put Stanford at No. 3, followed by UC-Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Princeton, Chicago and Oxford. This got us thinking about what Cambridge might have that we don’t, and vice versa.

Origin Founded in 1891 in a former horse pasture Founded in 1209 at a former Roman trading post
Famous partnerships Hewlett and Packard Crick and Watson
Discoveries that changed the world Spawned Google Split the atom
Acclaimed faculty requiring only one name Djerassi Erasmus
Pastoral sporting green Sunken Diamond Center for Cricketing Excellence
Crucial student accessory Sunglasses Umbrella

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