Rain Check

Photo: David Gonzales, ’93

Over the four days of Reunion weekend in October, Mother Nature deposited 3.21 inches of rain on the Stanford campus. Although she took down a number of tree limbs, for the most part she refrained from raining on alums’ parade—or, rather, their parties, panels, barbecues, tours and Classes Without Quizzes. Thank goodness, since half of the attendees—those who graduated in years ending in 0 or 5—had their return to the Farm delayed a year due to the pandemic. They were joined by the “1s and 6s” for a double reunion, where they hopped among 446 events, from Dinner on the Quad to a women’s water polo minireunion to the 50th anniversary of Stanford’s Asian American theme house, Okada, and the People’s Teahouse. And the hugs—among those who wore a green sticker indicating comfort with closeness—have never been so tight.

Alums at Dinner on the QuadPhoto: Erin Attkisson 

Two older alums dancingPhoto: David Gonzales, ’93 

Several alums standing in front of OkadaPhoto: Tony Avelar

The women's water polo team in and around the poolPhoto: David Gonzales, ’93