A Hair-Raising Hobby

Semi-retired lawyer and judge Phil Olsen has made perhaps the greatest contribution to American facial hair since Magnum P.I. The hirsute head of Beard Team USA, Olsen, '71 (right), recently led 36 of his bewhiskered brethren to their best-ever showing at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in England. At these biennial events, contestants preen their facial hair and compete in 17 categories from Dali to Musketeer to Fu Manchu. “It's like a bizarre beauty pageant,” says rookie Justin Liszanckie,'06.


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Additional Beard contest winners
LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Antebi, Keith Haubrich, Jack Passion, Marty Gehringer and Burke Kenny.

Alex Antebi from Los Angeles won first prize in the imperial moustache category. Seattle's Keith Haubrich, aka Gandhi Jones, won first prize in the freestyle moustache category. 23-year old Jack Passion won first prize in the centerpiece natural full beard category. Marty Gehringer won first prize in the natural goatee category. Burke Kenny from Olympia, Wash., won first prize in the full beard, styled moustache category.