Welcome to My Life

Photo: Courtesy Catherine Goetze

There’s something incredibly gripping about reading someone else’s diary. Catherine Goetze, ’18, has one-upped that engrossing experience with her video log and blog combo, Cath in College, a favorite among aspiring Stanford admits across the country. In an offering she describes as “reality TV without all the BS,” Goetze curates her life at Stanford in regular videos, where she wittily answers reader questions, and viewers can watch her and her friends party/watch Harry Potter/play beer pong/solve equations/eat doughnuts. Etcetera. On the accompanying blog, her friends offer alternative perspectives on the Stanford experience—say, what it’s like to live in a four-class dorm as a freshman (Goetze lived in all-frosh Larkin). 

“I love this school,” Goetze says. “This is something that I do because it’s fulfilling for me and a way to capture these fleeting years of my life.” 

Since making Cath in College public in January of her freshman year, she’s attracted more than 6,500 subscribers to the vlog through YouTube and has received fan mail from as far away as Finland. She hopes to keep it going.

“I get very excited by feeling like I’m on to something that’s never been done before.”