Tricky Business

May/June 2016

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Tricky Business

Illustration: Jeremkin

Joining the ranks of the Happiness Collective and the Transhumanist Association is the latest in Stanford’s long list of quirky clubs: the Stanford Magic Society. Founded earlier this year by junior Drew Lexmond, the group meets weekly to “talk magic, perform for each other and practice sleights and moves.”

Lexmond had been studying magic on his own for years when he left the Farm for a quarter abroad at Oxford. There he discovered a thriving student magic club, which inspired him to bring the idea stateside.

Although it’s still a small group of people already proficient in magic, Lexmond hopes it might become a place for newcomers and veterans alike. “Having others to practice with, bounce ideas off of, learn from,” he says, “is a very powerful and inspiring thing in any artistic endeavor.”

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