The Band Is on the Field!

Photo: Robert Stinett

It’s been 33 years since Cal’s Kevin Moen wove through a sea of Stanford Band members to score a game-winning touchdown and punctuate one of the most amazing finishes in college football history—a chaotic, five-lateral, surely-this-can’t-be-happening kickoff return known as The Play.

And now, a movie of the same name has arrived to memorialize it.

Available on DVD, the documentary—written, produced and directed by Peter Vogt—traces the origins of the fateful final moments of the 1982 Big Game and reveals colorful details in interviews with Cardinal quarterback John Elway, ’83; Gary Tyrell, ’83 (the Band trombonist Moen bowled over in the end zone); coaches Paul Wiggin and Joe Kapp; and a host of other players, fans and officials.

You know how it ends.