Stanford, Still

Photo: Ben Patton, ’03

In mid-March, the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus caused staff to move their work to all corners of the Bay and students to join faculty for class from computer screens around the world. Meanwhile, beloved spaces waited—quietly, patiently—to welcome us home.

Empty classroom auditorium on Stanford University campus. Photo: Sandra Kong, ’21


Three students touching each other by the elbows in the dorm rooms.Photo: Jill Patton, ’03, MA ’04


Canceled lecture hall sign on Stanford campus.Photo: Sandra Kong, ’21


Empty Stanford quad with rainbow arching behind a palm tree.Photo: Ben Patton, ’03


Empty tables and chairs in outside dining area.Photo: Stanford News Service/Andrew Brodhead


Empty roadway and roundabout on Stanford campus.Photo: Ben Patton, ’03


Chairs stacked in empty dining room.Photo: Stanford News Service/Kate Chesley


Empty lawn area in front of Hoover Tower.Photo: Ben Patton, ’03