‘Tell Us About a Relationship That Has Lasted Since Stanford’

Jarod Michael Keller, '09, left, and David James Diaz, '09. Photo: Dilys Ong

Group photo ofConnie Turkington, ’59, Margi Mix Gould, ’59, MA ’60, Lamb, Joan “Joni” Balling Rehnborg, ’59, MA ’60, Deanna Pollock Tarr, ’59, Maureen O’Brien Sullivan, ’59.From left: Connie Turkington, ’59, Margi Mix Gould, ’59, MA ’60, Lamb, Joan “Joni” Balling Rehnborg, ’59, MA ’60, Deanna Pollock Tarr, ’59, Maureen O’Brien Sullivan, ’59. (Photo: Erin Attkisson)

Sonya Davison Lamb, ’59
“In our class, we were two sets of Dollies, two different years. [When] we were in our late 30s, one of them contracted breast cancer, and she said, ‘I need support.’ And so all the Dollies got together every two weeks or every month for the next two years. We gave her that support, talking about everything, what it was like, what kind of funeral—everything. It really brought us close. And that remained, and grew deeper, over 60 years.”

Holly Sawyer outside sitting at picnic table.Photo: Erin Attkisson

Holly Sawyer, ’59
“We were together as roommates our sophomore year, and we’ve been in touch ever since. Town & Country Village was new at the time, and we used to sneak out of the dorm in our pajamas, and go and have ice cream. We thought that was so devilish, so outrageous. Those are the lovely things you remember.”

Group photo of Joan Hotelling Passarelli, ’84 and “Teri Thomson Randall, ’84, MS ’85.From left: Passarelli, Teri Thomson Randall. (Photo: Courtesy Joan Hotelling Passarelli)

Joan Hotelling Passarelli, ’84
“Teri [Thomson Randall, ’84, MS ’85, right] was my ‘best woman’ in my wedding to Ben, ’81, the same summer we graduated. We supported each other as I stayed here in Silicon Valley and she lived in places like Chicago, Austin, Santa Fe and now Seattle, pursuing different degrees and careers. Although our paths have been very different, our friendship has always been there, a source of love and laughter through all the years.”

Group photo of Rene Robles, ’94, MS ’96, and Veronica de la Cruz, ’94.Photo: Melina Walling, '20

Rene Robles, ’94, MS ’96, and Veronica de la Cruz, ’94
“We met freshman year in Casa Zapata. We were both from the LA area, so the first thing you do is meet the people from your area because those are the people you’re going to be driving home with. We kind of grew up together. He’s a techie, I’m a fuzzie. We had a good balance. Our most memorable moments at Stanford revolve around Casa Zapata, El Centro Chicano. They helped us be successful here.”

Group photo of Melinda Sacks, ’74, Gail Block Harris, '74, JD '77, and Barbara Lane, '74.From left: Sacks, Gail Block Harris, Barbara Lane. (Photo: Courtesy Melinda Sacks)

Melinda Sacks, ’74
“Since we were best friends at Stanford, my classmates Gail Block Harris [’74, JD ’77] and Barbara Lane [’74] have remained the ones I call first to report both emergencies and milestones. Who knew back when we were nude sunbathing on the roof of the women’s gym while eating pineapple or cramming all night for finals that the bonds we formed would be lifelong.”

Beatriz Chantrill Williams, ’94 outside under tent.Photo: Melina Walling, ’20

Beatriz Chantrill Williams, ’94
“On a visceral level, the smell of eucalyptus. Whenever, anywhere I go, I smell eucalyptus, I’m home. I’m back on campus.”

Group photo of Akash Deven Garg, ’00, MS ’00, Anoop Kumar Sinha, ’96, Parasuram.Left to right: Akash Deven Garg, ’00, MS ’00, Anoop Kumar Sinha, ’96, Parasuram. (Photo: Melina Walling, ’20)

Hemanth Parasuram, ’99
“We were all in Sanskriti [now Stanford South Asian Society] together. We had a great time. We threw cool parties [and] had a cultural event every year called Mela. There were probably 150 participants—it was a big show. It was fun.” Left to right: Akash Deven Garg, ’00, MS ’00, Anoop Kumar Sinha, ’96, Parasuram.

Michelle Teo, ’14, MS ’14 outside near trees.Photo: Dilys Ong

Michelle Teo, ’14, MS ’14
“For me, it would be the women’s rugby team that I was on for four years. That relationship is still meaningful for me, and I plan to meet some of them while I’m here.”

Brian Scoles, ’09 outside under the trees.Photo: Dilys Ong

Brian Scoles, ’09
“A whole set of relationships that have been very meaningful started when I moved to Synergy my senior year. I really found a great community there. I lived with a lot of those people in the years after leaving Stanford, and we created other communities in Palo Alto and in the East Bay. . . . A lot of energetic and open-hearted people that have just been a joy to spend time with.”

Ramit Sethi, ’04, MA ’05 outside near palm trees.Photo: Dilys Ong

Ramit Sethi, ’04, MA ’05
“One of the relationships that stands out to me is with one of my professors who was a researcher here, BJ Fogg [MA ’95, PhD ’97]. I worked with him for five years. He taught me how to run a meeting; he taught me about psychology; he taught me about life. Now I’ve known him for 15 years. I invited him to my wedding last year. It’s just been a blast keeping him as a mentor for all those years.”

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