Pop-Up Pond

March 2023

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Temporary lagoon near Museum Way at sunset with Hoover Tower in the background

Photo: Victor Madrigal, ’94

While most eyes were on the water in Lake Lag—which reached a depth of 14 feet by mid-January (photos below)—Mother Nature was working on an art installation across campus. Just off Museum Way, to the east of Palm Drive, was a new, temporary lagoon. Historic storms early in the new year flooded the grounds—typically adorned with dry, gold grasses and scattered shrubs—and then abated just long enough for the evening sun to work its magic.

People watching a guy on a bike jump into Lake Lagunita

A filled Lake Lagunita with the Dish in the background

Heron at Lake Lagunita eating a salamander

Lake Lagunita with a float holding a sign featuring the Stanford motto.

A water depth marker showing 14 feet of water in Lake Lag.AFTER THE RAINS: Lake Lag spilled over walking paths while wildlife—and student life—flocked to its shores. (Photos, from top: Santiago Ampudia Castelazo, ’26; Erin Attkisson; Herschell Taghap [3])

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