On the eve of Commencement, we asked students from the Stanford sketch comedy group Robber Barons what they imagined “adult life” would be like beyond the Farm. Robber Barons alumnus Peter Chapman, ’10, was more than happy to correct them.

On Networking

illustration of person hiding in leaves

Expectation: You’re excited to run into fellow alumni in the wild.

illustration of alum trying to high-five another alum

Reality: You keep trying to high-five strangers wearing Stanford paraphernalia, and this weirds them out.

On Interior Design

illustration of tidy book shelfExpectation: Buying a few select pieces from Pottery Barn. IKEA be damned.

Illustration of broken book shelf

Reality: When you nabbed that free bookshelf from the street, you told yourself it was temporary. That was two years ago.

On Staying Relevant

illustration of excited alum.

Expectation: Watching Robber Barons sketches get better and better and thinking, “Wow, I would never make it into the group now.”

Reality: Watching Robber Barons slowly forget who you are.

Heidi Sigua’12, is the digital media manager for Stanford.