Cardinal Numbers

Read an excerpt from emeritus professor of human biology Herant Katchadourian’s new book, Guilt: The Bite of Conscience

Percent of Americans who feel chagrined that they’re not doing more for the environment: 12 (down 22 percent from last year)

Percent who are contrite for failing to keep on top of emails from friends and family: 44

Proportion of women shoppers who suffer remorse after spending money on themselves: 8 in 10 (7 percent assuage their shame with more buying)

Fraction of U.S. workers who postpone fun because they feel naughty when they are not doing something productive: 1/3

Percent of Americans who feel bad about watching too much television: 68

And spending too much time in front of the computer: 53

Percent who say full-fat ice cream is totally worth the guilt: 67

Sources: R.B.R.C.; GMX/MaCorr Research; Skinny Cow; Hilton/Harris Interactive; Frank Luntz; Denali Flavors