Cardinal Numbers

See our story on mystery writer Joe Gores, who has penned a prequel to Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon called Spade & Archer.

Rank of The Maltese Falcon on the Mystery Writers of America’s list of the best hard-boiled detective stories of all time: 1

Years Dashiell Hammett worked as an op at the Pinkerton Detective Agency: 6

Years Joe Gores worked as a private eye in San Francisco: 12

Number of Hammett stories other than Falcon in which detective Sam Spade appears: 3

Number of Hammett’s (and Spade’s) apartment at 891 Post Street: 401

Cost of Miles Archer’s lamb chop dinner in Spade & Archer: $12

Price for “Sam Spade’s lamb chops” at John’s Grill: $28.95