Biblio File: What to Read Now — December 2022

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December 2022

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We Recommend: Transition

The Work Wife book cover

The Work Wife, Alison B. Hart, ’95; Graydon House. Being at the beck and call of a Hollywood power couple comes with a sky-high salary—but at what cost? (Also, do read the author’s note.)

The Immortal King Rao book cover

The Immortal King Rao, Vauhini Vara, ’04; Norton. Twelve years in the making, this must-read debut novel explores a dystopian society that’s hurtling toward obliteration. 

Solito: A Memoir book cover

Solito: A Memoir, Javier Zamora, Stegner fellow 2016–18; Hogarth. At age 9, he crossed 3,000 miles in seven weeks, alone but for six strangers and a human smuggler. Vivid and unguarded.

Beloved Economies: Transforming the Way We Work book cover

Beloved Economies: Transforming the Way We Work, Jess Rimington and Joanna L. Cea, ’03; Page Two. A blueprint for boosting the well-being of people and the bottom line, informed by companies doing just that.

The Underwater Eye: How the Movie Camera Opened the Depths and Unleashed New Realms of Fantasy book cover

The Underwater Eye: How the Movie Camera Opened the Depths and Unleashed New Realms of Fantasy, Margaret Cohen, English professor; Princeton U. Press. Day or night, we the landlocked can explore the deep blue sea, thanks to scuba diving, technology, and artistry. Dive in.

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