An Olympian, a Magician and a Photographer Walk into a Zoom

Many of us are working from home these days. But how do you do your job when your job requires an audience (or sporting events, or a lively Hollywood)? In this video series, which will roll out weekly during the month of May, three alums give us a peek into their lockdown lives—and teach us something new we can do while we’re stuck at home too. Learn how to exercise in confined spaces with Olympic softball player and ESPN broadcaster Jessica Mendoza, ’02, MA ’03, join two ropes together with magician Andrew Evans, MS ’13, and take frame-worthy graduation pictures of your quaranteen with photographer to the stars Art Streiber, ’84.

Nothing Better to Do with Andrew Evans, MS ’13

Nothing Better to Do with Jessica Mendoza, ’02, MA ’03

Nothing Better to Do with Art Streiber, ’84