Where the Boys Are

May/June 2002

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Where the Boys Are

Glenn Matsumura

Last we checked in with the Toledo Six (“Luck of the Draw,” September/October 2001), their Draw number of 693 had kept them out of top pick Toyon Hall. They were exiled to Eucalipto in Lagunita Court. “Draw Master” Achyut Phadke even got stuck living with a random roommate. So much for planning.

Nine months later, the sophomores’ first impression of Eucalipto—a quiet place with empty hallways and closed doors—hasn’t changed. Chris Wallis describes it as the place “upperclassmen go to die.” The Six have made only a handful of friends among their 65 dormmates.

“We play basketball, but we don’t talk that much,” Achyut says of his roommate, somewhat noncommittally. “It’s gone as well as could be expected.”

There have been no fallouts from the Toledo Six. They’re still bonding over video games (“Simpsons Road Rage” has supplanted “Counter-Strike”). They share a yearning for the good old days of Rinconada. Most of their Rinc buddies live on the other side of campus, and they visit them often. The closest foosball table, in neighboring Adelfa, is usually broken and “not worth our time, being professionals and all,” says Nic Kanaan.

This is the home stretch for the Toledo Six as a unit. Half of them—Sundeep Bhat, Nic and Chris—are applying for residence staff positions for next year. The other half, Albert Chen, Stephen Ku and the Draw Master, have yet to firm up their plans for this year’s Draw. Maybe they did learn something after all.

—Marisa Milanese, ’93

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