What's In My Bookbag?

Sometimes freshman Marisa Dye dreams of helping astronauts soar into space, and other times -- during barre exercises in ballet class, for instance -- her feet are planted firmly on the ground. She carries things that make both possible. A peek inside her backpack:

1. Pointe shoes Dye has been dancing since she was 5. 2. Compact discs and portable CD player Her favorites: Tori Amos, Dave Matthews and Sarah McLachlan. 3. Ticket stubs From a spring break trip to Disneyland, and the movie Girl, Interrupted. 4. Letter from Grandma "She writes once a week and always ends with a minisermon about how I should drink my orange juice and get enough sleep. It's very sweet." 5. Physics text A prerequisite for engineering, a possible major. She also continues to toy with the idea of law school. 6. Advil Treats headaches or flare-ups of dance-induced tendinitis. 7. Apollo 13 The book that sparked her interest in space.