Tower Talk

Courtesy Hoover Press

Is there a pile of "must-read" nonfiction gathering dust on your nightstand? You know, serious policy books you intend to read--if you can find the time? The Hoover Institution understands theproblem. Last summer, the think tank began publishing a quarterly softcover, Hoover Digest. Each issue contains about two dozen short excerpts or summaries of current work--books, monographs, op-eds--by Hoover scholars. The July issue featured Michael Boskin on taxes, Milton Friedman on social security and Shelby Steele on affirmative action. The mailing list includes journalists, policy mavens and Hoover donors. "The idea is to give people a feel for what we're doing here at Hoover," says Associate Director Richard Sousa. For a subscription, contact Hoover Press, Stanford, CA 94305.