They Played. They Learned. They Connected.

December 2023

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Collage of Stanford alums attending Reunion Homecoming

Photos clockwise from top: H. Taghap; David Gonzales, ’93; Stanford Athletics; David Gonzales; H. Taghap

Reunion Homecoming drew 8,284 Cardinal guests. We asked for their six-word updates.

Twists and turns, no new wisdom.
Minjia Zhong, ’18

Soccer, played, coached, officiated, watch, love.
—Jim Madison, ’53

Loves words—books, journalism, chatting, Scrabble
—Karen Springen, ’83

Will the “unprecedented” news ever end?

—Aliyah Chavez, ’18, MA ’19

30 years later. Palm Drive awe.
—Sonya Crawford Bearson, ’93

Fearless journalist, broke silence, launched movement.
—Gretchen Carlson, ’88

Had a baby. (Technically, wife did.)
—Joel Stein, ’93, MA ’94 

Adventure, writing, love, faith; challenges met.
—Wayne Raffesberger, ’73

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