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November/December 2002

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BEST-EDUCATED: The community of Stanford, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, has a higher percentage of adults over 25 with bachelor’s degrees—94.6 percent—than anyplace else in the nation.

WHICH IS IT? In its 2003 guide to graduate schools, U.S. News & World Report ranked Stanford’s Graduate School of Business No. 1. But in a September report, the Wall Street Journal placed it 39th. Dartmouth’s Tuck School nabbed the WSJ top spot.

TIED FOR FOURTH: And speaking of U.S. News, Stanford, along with Duke, MIT and Caltech, ranked behind No. 1 Princeton, No. 2 Harvard and No. 3 Yale in the magazine’s oft-criticized—and oft-consulted—survey of universities’ undergraduate programs.

LEANING LEFT: The 2003 edition of Princeton Review’s The Best 345 Colleges ranked Stanford 12th among schools where “students are still nostalgic for Bill Clinton.” Campus conservatives will be relieved to know that UC-Berkeley ranked eighth.

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