Sign Language

Astronaut Scott Parazynski, ’83, MD ’89, floats above the aft flight deck on the shuttle Atlantis while paying a visit to the Russian space station Mir. Photo: Courtesy of NASA

From Red Square to outer space, far-flung fans unfurl banners in the most unlikely places.

Individuals holding up signs that say, "Beat Cal," in Moscow's Red SquareIn Moscow’s Red Square. Photo: Courtesy of Overseas Studies Program (OSP).

An 80-footer in Pisa (left), (Photo: Courtesy of Stanford News Service), Campanile Tower in the heart of Cal's Campus (Photo: Stanford Quad 1960)An 80-footer in Pisa (left) and Campanile Tower in the heart of Cal's Campus. Photos: Courtesy of Stanford News Service; Stanford Quad 1960.

The Great Wall of ChinaOn the Great Wall of China. Photo: Courtesy of Charles Schott.

Group of men and women holding up signs that spell Beat Cal at StonehengeAt Stonehenge. Photo: Courtesy of OSP.