JOE TOM: “Running up a Texas flag on San Jacinto Day (April 21, 1965) on the pole in front of the old library with fellow Texan and fellow freshman dormmate Michael John Reaves,” ’68, MBA ’70. It caused a stir because “the Texas flag looked a lot like the North Vietnamese flag.”

HOLLY: To her 8 a.m. chemistry class, Holly often wore a trench coat. “One morning, I had to go down to the front of the lecture room and on my way down the steps, the pantlegs of my pink frilly pajamas came rolling down amid roars of laughter from my classmates.”

ERIN: When she studied in Galway, Ireland, her junior year, a registrar saw Stanford and her name on a form and asked if Tiger Woods, ’98, was her brother. “Do you want a sister, Tiger?”