Michael Zegaris

“I knew someone who got me a backstage pass [to the Eric Clapton concert]. We were back there and stumbled across Carlos Santana who had just showed up to bask in the sun and join his ol' bud Eric on stage. We were so overwhelmed we couldn't speak. We figured that we looked like idiots standing there with our mouths agape and ran away, back into the crowd to sit safely and anonymously with our friends.”
—Kristy Juergens Arend, '76

“Huey Lewis and the News played Frost about a week before their first record came out [in 1980]. Huey drove down from Petaluma in a battered old paneled station wagon. There were two of these cars. They drove up to the corner of the stage and unloaded the equipment. Huey had a floral shirt and blue jeans and jumped out and introduced himself. The place was jammin'. You knew then he was going to be big.”
—Michael McNabb, '81 (ASSU Special Events Co-Chair)

“I remember attending a concert at Frost not too long after coming out to Stanford. I don't actually remember the headliner but the intro band was The New Riders of the Purple Sage. I loved them — went out and bought their album afterwards. My sister (Kathryn Barnes, '68) attended a Joan Baez concert there. Joan introduced a surprise guest, her friend Bob Dylan, who played along on a few songs!”
—Teresa Barnes, '73