Lines in the Sand

Peter Kawerau

Talk about a sand trap! Stan Allison, '79, and his teammates on the Orbital Sanders are competing in 2010 sand-sculpture events with "Discovering the Missing Links"—in which intrepid archeologists find early evidence of golf, including a sabertooth tiger, Woods. The Orbital Sanders—formed more than 20 years ago when all its members worked at the same Seattle company—carved this scene in July using 20 cubic yards of sand (about 27 tons) at the Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition in Parksville, British Columbia. They'll make another iteration of it for the world championships, starting September 15 in Federal Way, Wash. Allison, a deputy manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, enjoys the "fleeting" nature of sand sculpting: Some competitive events are held on beaches, where the tide is the time clock.