RH 2016 - Tour and DinnerClassmates from the years 1939 to 1955 enjoyed a guided campus tour (left); everyone flocked to Dinner on the Quad (right).
RH 2016 - Game, Prez, WomenClass of 1966 pregame event (left); the inauguration of new president Marc Tessier-Lavigne (top, right); food for thought was the bill of fare at the Class of 1961’s class panel.
RH 2016 - TreesA 'Treeunion' resounded with Cardinal spirit. (Photos: David Gonzales)

RH - Otero 1
RH - Otero 2
RH - Otero 3
FRIENDS FOREVER: These former four-year dormmates (all ’86) posed at Otero as frosh (top), and then did it again as seniors (middle) and at every reunion through 2016 (below). From left: Marty Fung, MS ’87, Henry LaBrun, Bill Rust, MS ’87, Ernst Halperin, MS ’87, Mark Rosales and Rob Baylis. (Photos: Rick Baylis)