Family Practice

May/June 1998

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Family Practice

Bob Owens

When her sons were kids, Connie Reyna bought them toy doctor kits, microscopes and chemistry sets. They took the hint. The four Reyna brothers, natives of San Antonio, came to Stanford for college – and stayed for medical school. Now Robert, '73, MD '77, Rowland, '78, MD '82, and Richard '80, MD '84, practice together at HealthTexas, a consortium of 25 physicians they founded in 1994 to bring medical services to poor areas of San Antonio. Their baby brother, George, '83, MD '88, is an ophthalmologist who works in the same building and is a contract doctor for HealthTexas.

How did the four all end up as doctors? The brothers say their parents always stressed education and hard work. The result: some good-natured sibling rivalry. "We're an extremely competitive family – but with a sense of humor," George says. "We want to see each other achieve." Mother Connie sums up the attitude of her sons: "If he can do it, I can do it better."

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