Family Business

Courtesy John Littleboy

While plenty of Stanford ) alumni are in the ) business of having babies, some are also making babies their ) business. Three hope their fledgling companies have developed ) products innovative enough to capture the hearts of parents.

Danielle Haas-Laursen, JD ’01, turned parental ) frustration into a product. When her eldest daughter was ) born, the number of lost baby socks around her Escondido ) Village apartment spurred her to action. She sewed elastic ) loops onto a pair of socks. The loops could be secured by ) the snaps on baby’s ) pant legs and Snapdragon Baby socks were born.

Joe Croft, ’92, ) had organization in mind. After developing outdoor and action ) sports gear, the father of four tried his hand in a market ) he believed lacked innovation. Ju-Ju-Be offers ) a line of high-tech diaper bags, complete with Teflon-coated ) exteriors, antimicrobial treatments and memory-foam changing ) pads.

Inky-Dinky, created by John Littleboy, ’79, ) targets kids a bit older. The company’s plates, placemats ) and accessories are illustrated with Littleboy’s colorful ) artwork, to encourage visual and verbal activity. He plans ) to expand the line to include children’s books.