Cardinal Numbers

November/December 2000

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Stanford in October announced the beginning of the Campaign for Undergraduate Education with a fund-raising goal of $1 billion. Just how much is that?

Distance, in miles, of one billion dollar bills, laid end-to-end: 98,646

Number of undergraduates who could attend Stanford tuition-free, for four years, for $1 billion: 10,229

Undergrads who could attend Cal: 61,782

Undergrads who could attend the University of Arkansas: 84,517

Time, in years, the computer science department could run on $1 billion: 40

Years the classics department could run: 476

Home football games at which one could put a $100 bill on every seat in Stanford

Stadium: 116 (23 seasons)

Other universities that have successfully completed campaigns for $1 billion or more: 6

SOURCES:;;; Office of the Provost, Stanford University; The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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