May/June 1998

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Photo: Rod Searcey

It was a beautiful Seattle summer, but Anne Unger was stuck indoors with mononucleosis and strep throat. To ease the pain, Anne's mother brought home a big bag of almond M&Ms. But some of the candies were gray – the tip-off that Unger had just won the Impostor M&M Contest. The prize: a year's supply of the real thing.

"I try not to eat too many of them," says Unger, a senior who confesses she's grown tired of the treats. So she's been happy to share the bounty with family, friends – even friends of friends. "I always have a supply on hand," she says. Unger, who is headed to grad school in marine biology, says the candies have been put to good use. Last fall, she and her roommates staged what can only be called The Great M&M War. "It was good stress relief, and they were easy to clean up." Melts in your mouth, not on the carpet.

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