Biblio File: What to Read Now — December 2023

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December 2023

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Biblio File: What to Read Now — December 2023

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Reading Past Your Bedtime

Once We Were Home book cover

Once We Were Home, Jennifer Rosner, PhD ’98; Flatiron Books. Decades after four Jewish children were taken from their families during World War II, each must decide where they belong. Based on a true story.

The Hundred Loves of Juliet book cover

The Hundred Loves of Juliet, Evelyn (Hsu) Skye, ’01; Del Rey. Seeking reincarnations of his beloved, an immortal Romeo finds sweet sorrow on infinite loop.

The Last Applicant book cover

The Last Applicant, Rebecca Hanover, ’01; Lake Union Publishing. An admissions director is wooed and pursued by the unglued Stealth Bomber of helicopter moms.

The Shamshine Blind book cover

The Shamshine Blind, Paz Pardo, ’08; Atria Books. Weaponized, emotion-altering chemicals cloak the world in a fog of false feelings. Dark, rollicking, and set in the Bay Area.

This Is Salvaged: Stories book cover

This Is Salvaged: Stories, Vauhini Vara, ’04; W.W. Norton. Brisk, vivid vignettes of the roles we inhabit and how we connect—the human experience, distilled.

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