A Party to Die For

ohn Shen/Stanford Daily

After a four-year hiatus, the Mausoleum Party has been resurrected.

On October 27, thousands of students descended on the corner of Palm and Campus drives for a Halloween-style bash that was a Stanford staple for 20 years before being canceled in 2002 for lack of a sponsor. Funds from the ASSU and the President’s Fund brought the event back to life.

A creepy red glow illuminated the Stanford family’s 19th-century burial site, while hip-hop tunes reverberated in the chilly air. Costumed as everything from Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the Mad Hatter, Darth Vader, dominoes, penguins, pirates and hippies, a veritable monster mash of students crowded the mausoleum courtyard.

Jennifer Chien is one member of the Class of 2006 who now can say she’s part of the tradition. “It kind of sucked that the famed Mausoleum Party was never around,” she says. “The thought of partying with the Stanfords had a spooky allure to it.”

When a power outage stopped the music for more than 45 minutes, some students joked that Jane and Leland were responsible. Evidently they aren’t crazy about rap.