11 Former Trees and What They're Up to Now

June 30, 2016

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11 Former Trees and What They're Up to Now

Photo: Bobak Ha'Eri / Wikimedia Commons. License: https://bit.ly/37Agt8p

Three former Trees are veterinarians: Christina Hutson (’75-’77), Mary Boyce (’85-’86) and Erin Lashnits (’05-’06).

Trees - Hutson, Boyce and LashnitsPhotos, clockwise from top left: Courtesy Christina Hutson; Courtesy Mary Boyce; Courtesy Erin Lashnits (2); Courtesy Mary Boyce; Courtesy Christina Hutson.

Pete Huyck (’91-’92) is a comedy writer who has been nominated five times for an Emmy award. He has written for the Larry Sanders Show, the Late Show with David Letterman, King of the Hill, Frasier and Veep.

Trees - HyuckPhotos: Courtesy Pete Huyck

Bob Siegel (’77-’78) is a professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford.

Trees - SeigelPhotos: Courtesy Bob Siegel

Matty Merrill (’97-’98), a fashion and product designer, oversees the design of all football apparel and equipment at Adidas. And he married a Dollie—Emily Roley Merrill, ’99, MA ’00.

Trees - MerrillPhotos from left: Chris Bonzon; Courtesy Matty Merrill

Nicoletta von Heidegger (’12-’13) is working toward her doctorate in sex therapy.

Trees - von HeideggerPhotos from left: John Todd / Isiphotos.com; Courtesy Bob Siegel

Charles Goodan (’93-’94) is a music producer best known for his work on Santana’s Grammy-winning Supernatural album and on Grammy-nominated albums by the Rolling Stones and Beck.

Trees - GoodanPhotos: Courtesy Charles Goodan

Mardi Dier (’84-’85) is executive vice president and CFO at Portola Pharmaceuticals, which develops treatments for blood disorders.

Trees - DierPhotos: Courtesy Mardi Dier

Two former Trees are venture capitalists. Andrew Parker (’02-’03) is a general partner at Spark Capital, while Tommy Leep (’06-’07) is a partner at Rothenberg Ventures. 

Trees - Parker and LeepFrom Left: Parker and Leap. Photos, clockwise from top left: David Gonzales / Stanford Athletics; David Gonzales / Insiphotos.com; Courtesy Erin Lashnits; Courtesy Andrew Parker

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