Black History

Stories of Stanford's black students, alumni and faculty.

November/December 2004

Regarding Ernest Johnson

Forgotten for almost a century, Stanford’s first African-American student has had his legacy restored. And the alumnus who honored him has gained back a piece of his past.


Jocelyn Wiener

September/October 2015

A Hard Look at How We See Race

Social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt’s research reveals pervasive and persistent unconscious racial bias. Now law enforcement officials are working with Eberhardt to institute training that takes it into account.


Sam Scott

September 2017

What It Was Like to Be an African-American Freshman in 1962

A tiny but historic cohort of African-American students entered Stanford on the vanguard of the civil rights movement. This is how it felt.

March/April 2017

The Believer

Rev. Darrell Armstrong, ’91, devotes himself to Trenton’s troubled youth.


Johann Calhoun

November/December 2016

Netflix’s Latest Marvel

Cheo Hodari Coker, ’94, brings a black superhero to the screen.


Pamela K. Johnson

May/June 2016

Mariah Has Her Moment

A stellar golfer, Mariah Stackhouse, ’16, shines off the course as well.


Kelli Anderson

March/April 2014

Always On Her Game: Chiney Ogwumike

What makes Chiney Ogwumike, ’14, tick.

March/April 2014

What They Stood For

When the Stanford chapter of Sigma Chi pledged an African-American nearly 50 years ago, it wasn't an act of rebellion. But the fraternity brothers’ stubborn stand against race-based membership rules became a civil rights skirmish on the national stage.


Mike Antonucci

September/October 2012

Saving Stockton

Can 22-year-old Michael Tubbs, ’12, MA ’12, start turning around one of America's most troubled cities?


Sam Scott